More production capability: In new facility, we increased more production machines, especially in Swabs(Sponges, Pad) folding machine, Bandages weaving machine, Sterile packaging machine and so
on. Based on the larger production capability, we can shorten the lead time and deliver the products faster.

Better production environment:
We use the central air conditional system, with the professional workshop disinfection and entironment control, the manufacturing facility is controlled completely and thoroughly, to ensure the product can be manufactured in our Class 100,000 Clean rooms as per GMP standards,
in which to avoid the contamination and minimize the bio-burden, thus to save your sterilization cost and to escape from any quality risks.

More efficient equipment:
Bleaching process imported abroad with the German technology can ensure the whiteness consistently and better appearance. Increase more automatic packaging machine for sterile products instead of manual package, to offer more safety and stabilization on the produt quality.

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