── Gauze Related Products   ── Profile  
  Gauze Roll   ── History  
  Gauze Swabs ( Sponges, Pad)   ── Manufacturing Facility  
  Gauze Ball   ── Sales & Market  
  Gauze Sheet   ── Office & Accommodation  
  Gauze Cutting      
  Cotton Filled Sponges  
  Trach Sponges   ── Certificates  
  Lap Sponges   ── Policy & Objective  
  Post-op Sponges   ── Inspection  
  Kerlix Gauze   ── Audit & Training  
  ── Cotton Related Products      
  Cotton Roll  
  Cotton Dental Roll   ── Company Mission  
  Cotton Ball   ── Our Competition  
  Cotton Pad / Wipes   ── More Advantages  
  Cosmetic Cotton   ── More Chances  
  Undercast Padding      
  Absorbent Dressing Pad      
  Cotton Applicators    
  Neuro Pad      
  ── Nonwoven Related Products      
  Nonwoven Swabs    
  Drain Sponges      
  Nonwoven Ball      
  Wound Dressing    
  Cap,Coat & Face Mask      
  ── Bandages Related Products      
  Crepe Bandage      
  Compress Bandage      
  Gauze Bandage      
  High Elastic Bandage      
  Conforming Bandage      
  Triangular Bandage      
  ── Other Products      
  • Kingphar Medical mainly works on OEM and private label program basis;
  • Our products cover almost all gauze, bandages related products;
  • We also customize products to customers’ samples and/or specification;
  • All of our products are FDA registered and CE certified;


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